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Giving People with Breast Cancer Some WINGS

Giving People with Breast Cancer Some WINGS

Every person that walks into our office and speaks with me is asked, “Do you have health coverage?” Some are covered by the VA and other providers like Carelink but most aren’t. To apply for disability, one has to have medical records to show to the judge that you are disabled and that even with treatment, you are not able to work. BUT, the hardest part about people applying for disability is they don’t have money for health insurance or to pay off Carelink and other providers they already owe money to. So what do we do? The Law Offices of Ed Goldner are always on the hunt for resources you can use in the time of need and we think we found a good one!

There is a non-profit organization called Wings. Their mission is to provide comprehensive breast health care services to women in Central and South Texas … because everyone deserves a lifetime. WINGS are designed to fill the vacuum that exists between detection and treatment. Its goal is to develop referral sources throughout the community and, in concert with organizations dedicated to education and outreach, bring quality care to women with breast cancer. WINGS’ success will be measured by the number of people seeking this treatment, as well as key indicators defined by the American Cancer Society.

Physicians aligned with WINGS will work with physicians and radiologists at key community clinics to develop a source of patient referrals. This is an entirely new treatment venue in San Antonio. By melding the charitable, non-profit organization WINGS with a strong physicians’ practice group, all patients will receive the benefits of quality care and “one-stop” shopping.

Services paid for by WINGS will be provided by a physicians’ practice group headed by Dr. Kathryn Safford. A well-known breast surgeon and former chief of staff of Methodist Hospital, Safford brings more than 20 years’ experience to this venture. Throughout her career she has maintained a strong sense of community philanthropy and has often treated patients without regard to compensation.

This is an amazing organization trying to help each woman that needs to fill the gap from finding out she has breast cancer to getting the treatment needed. If you would like more information please click HERE. We hope resources like these help our clients get on the right path to a healthy and happy life. We here at the Law Offices of Ed Goldner hope you have a great day!


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