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Funeral Home Negligence

Funeral Home Negligence

When a family member or friend passes away and there is so much for the families do it. The first place they turn is to the right funeral home to help you celebrate the life of the family member you lost. In the midst of planning the funerals flowers, songs, eulogy and etc. you wouldn’t plan to worry about what was happening on the back end of the funeral home.

As a whole, we think we will receive sympathy and respect from the funeral home during this difficult time in our lives because the last thing we need is something else to go wrong. Title 16 Section 453 of the Code of Federal Regulations-sometimes referred to as the “funeral rule”-controls the commercial practices of the funeral industry, including disclosure of prices and misrepresentation of services.

We have learned over a period of time that what you think is happening behind the scenes of a funeral home isn’t truly accurate. Investigations have shown evidence of funeral homes mishandling the bodies of the deceased, or misplacing the body in different graves. This shocking information has changed the mindset of families all around the United States and how they look at funeral homes. Funeral home negligence which can be evident in multiple forms only, furthers the heartbreak and anxiety that accompanies death.

Examples of funeral home negligence and malpractice include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • cremating the wrong body or losing cremated remains
  • improperly embalming or storing a body
  • harvesting the organs of the deceased for resale
  • permitting an unlicensed person to embalm the body
  • stealing personal property (e.g., treasured jewelry, heirlooms, gold fillings)
  • burying the wrong body or burying a body in an incorrect plot
  • dropping a body during transport
  • using a broken or defective casket
  • failing to tend to a gravesite, resulting in vandalism
  • misappropriating money and overcharging for procedures
  • placing multiple bodies in one coffin

Funeral home negligence can be an incredibly difficult situation to be in especially when you are also trying to deal with the loss of your friend or family member.


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